any open show of affection is in bad taste.

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17 thoughts on “any open show of affection is in bad taste.

  1. I don’t think that guy looks like he has any problem whatsoever with his slatternly drunk date. Look at his face in photo one – that’s an interested beau right there!

  2. Quick burn this and deny any agreement with its content. i actually know some fellas with these values…embarrassed though I am to admit it.

  3. Pretty much still applies today tbh, regardless. If you disagree then fair enough but in all honesty you gotta see the sense..

  4. Awful dressed man,must I bite on my tongue?No,I drink as quick as I can,not to suffer too much under this negative impression.And what a stupid emptyhead/no education ,or taste: he ! has to make compliments to me about my sexy clothes?!And of course I let em wait,otherwise he”ll think I cannot wait to see him-and he looks at my stockings like…
    Lucky me,in 2010,women”s lib-+?the metrosexual men,haha

  5. If you avoid a knee-jerk reaction against the age of the pictures, I think you’ll see that this advice is unnecessary, but it still makes sense. Consider the opposite advice and see which you like more:

    #1. Making me wait half an hour for you to get ready and/or get dressed right in front of me will make me feel respected and/or want to respect you.
    #2. Chewing your gum with your mouth open is almost as hot as sitting like a construction worker.
    #3. Screaming so you can be heard over the music on the dance floor is a great way to connect!
    #4. Taking over my rear-view mirror *while I am driving* in order to fix your make-up is never annoying.
    #5. Pawing me in a public coffee shop is just about as awesome as me pawing you.
    #6. Trying to manipulate me by intentionally bawling your eyes out in a public place is guaranteed to make me feel at ease.
    #7. Never talk about anything that could be of mutual interest to both of us. I feel much more respected when you limit the conversation to things you find exclusively interesting.
    #8. It’s a sign of class when you get smashed. Cleaning your vomit out of my car just gives me an opportunity to bond with you.

  6. “keep your dignity all evening” while you twist into an unrecognizable facsimile of yourself to please your date. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  7. I jumped on Wikipedia and read the article, but it was a lot like walking through pudding: slow going and afterward I felt kinda dirty.

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